Drone Light Show In Asia
How do you plan a drone light show?


We have stock drone shows that are pre-made. Fast and simple solutions with ample of designs or formations to choose from.


We can create a partial/fully customized drone light show. Custom drone shows are the ideal choice for brand events as they offer endless opportunities for creativity and imagination.

All inclusive

Our prices include everything from design, shipping, permits etc...
1st Month Process:

1) Permit application (PDRM, City Council & CAAM)
2) Words or Formation arrangement
3) Revision for Words or Formation arrangement
4) Finalise the Words or Formation arrangement
2nd Month Process:

1) Words or Formation in 3D Animation
2) Revision for Words or Formation in 3D Animation
3) Finalise the Words or Formation in 3D Animation
4) The 3D Animation into Drone Simulation Software
3rd Month Process:

1) Revision Drone Simulation
2) Prepare for Actual Show

Drones Light Shows & Drone Events
100 drones light show

Basic amount of drone lights for anyone wanting to add a little light to their event, available in both pre-made and custom. Serves as the best option for something quick and cost effective.

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Drones to replace fireworks 

We have often replaced firework shows with drones. We have created drones that deliver drinks, drones that that drop items with parachutes to crowds, drones that talk and more. Our engineering team can create custom drones for anything your can dream up. We also offer drone racing for corporate events as well.

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